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John McCoy Pottery Testimonials

Round covered jar wood fired by John McCoy Pottery

"Beautifully designed and glazed! A covered jar to treasure and enjoy! Meticulously finished and detailed! Superior seller. Superior service, Thank you so much!"

Diane Sutera

Black teapot with cane handle by John McCoy Pottery

"I find few potters that can nail temmoku in terms of opacity and depth. This pot exemplifies the classic glaze and the purity of the finish and shape of the teapot expound the culture that originated the form. You seem to do your homework, John! The pot pours beautifully and quickly with nary a drip. I LOVE this pot."

J. Valadez

Casserole with lid by John McCoy Pottery

"Beautiful, graceful, handmade pottery. Lovely work. Thank you, Thank you!"

Mary Alice Snyder

Mug by John McCoy Pottery

"Beautiful form, colors and markings from the firing. Well packed  and shipped quickly."

Jono Jarrett

Pitcher by John McCoy Pottery

"I am a big fan of this online pottery shop! I have bought four pieces from John. I have been completely happy with every aspect of the transactions."


Pitcher and tumbler set by John McCoy Pottery

"This pitcher's form follows its function perfectly-it's large enough to use, pours well, is thinly but strongly potted and is beautifully designed with a terrific finish and glaze and there are four tumblers! Five stars"


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